Tips for Choosing an Ideal Web Design Agency

How to Choose a Web Design Agency | Swyft | Austin, Texas

Here are the tips for choosing an ideal web design agency:

Do They Welcome Your Ideas?

You know what is best for your business because you are a professional in that industry. You have a good knowledge of the product or service that you are selling. You also know how the business should be presented to people. No one should know your business better than you.

Therefore, if the web design agency does not welcome your ideas or they are not open-minded to see better ways of marketing them, then that is a red flag. The duty of the agency is to listen to your ideas, improve on them, and take action based on those ideas.

Do They Make You Think Out of the Box?

An ideal web designer will not only welcome your ideas but will also make you see your business from a different perspective. You have to ensure that the agency you choose is one that will challenge your opinions and give you a better concept or strategy that will work.

Also, the agency does not only need to know about design, but they also need knowledge of conversion rate. This is because people need to visit your website and become paying customers. So, if the agency only does the exact replica of what you tell them to do, then you are not getting value for your money. The designer’s expert knowledge has to match yours to produce amazing results.

Is Their Marketing Team Experienced?

Some people think they just need to have a website so that their business can have an online presence. Whereas some others believe that a website is an essential tool for business growth. If you are in the first category, this may not matter to you. But if you are in the second category, it is important to pick an agency that has some experience in marketing.

An agency that does not have an experienced marketing team is like a car without an engine. It may appear good, but it will never take you anywhere. The internet is not static, things keep changing and you need consistent digital marketing to ensure that your website performs optimally.

You need a website that is not only attractive but effective. When the agency has marketers, developers, and designers, you are confident that the outcome will fetch you results.

Do they Have Knowledge of CMS?

If a web design agency does not encourage a content management system (CMS), then they are outdated. Your website should have a CMS, else you will be placed at a disadvantaged point in the digital market. A good agency will not recommend a static HTML website. They will also not use “do it yourself” software.

You may want to read more about content management systems here.

Is their Web Design Mobile-Friendly?

A website that is mobile-friendly ranks faster on Google. Many internet users surf the internet with their mobile phones. So, if your site does not support mobile phone views, you will lose a lot of potential customers. Besides, your website needs to be optimized for any device.

Hence, if the agency does not know about responsive design, or if they suggest a separate website for mobile phones, you need to skip and look for a better team.

Do They Have a Portfolio?

How best can you know what a web design agency can offer? You can request a portfolio. That way, you will see live examples of their previous works. Do not rely on screenshots of homepages. The agency has to provide real websites that can be publicly accessed.

Take some time to observe and evaluate the work. If you do not see anything that appeals to you, it may not be a good fit for you.

Additionally, there are some agencies that can not only design a website, but they can also help your business to grow its sales or attain certain goals such as increased traffic, leads, or ROI. Such agencies can show you statistical information on clients’ growth.

Do they Know about Conversions?

The company has to know more than just designing an attractive website. They should have a team that knows how a website’s traffic can be converted to leads. This implies that they must know about the appropriate design layout, the way information should be placed on the website, the call to action, and color psychology. You may want to read about sales conversion rate:

Have they Worked in Various Industries?

You may think it is a good idea to use a company that has experience in only one industry. For instance, if they design websites for only dentists, you may think that they know so much about dentists. Well, you may just end up having a website that looks like every other dentist’s website they have designed in the past.

An ideal web design agency works with various industries and is more likely to produce unique websites that will reach a wider and more diversified audience. You want your website to stand above your competitors and surpass them.


We have shared tips that can help you choose a good web design service. Do not let the world leave you behind. Ensure you pick the right designer that will take your business to new heights.